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The Happy Day – Brace Removal day (Part 1)

The Happy Day – Brace Removal day (Part 1)
May 18, 2017 premierortho
Braces Removal Process

Braces Removal Process

As an orthodontic therapist I enjoy many aspects of my job, but removing the braces has to be one of the most enjoyable procedures, patients have been building up to this appointment throughout their orthodontic journey.

It’s why they came to us in the first place for reasons such as teeth function, aesthetics, to improve their self confidence or for a special occasion -weddings being the most popular reason! This appointment always reminds me of why I love my job so much and in fact the whole team enjoys sharing this appointment with the patient.

By this time the patient is happy with the position of their teeth and are keen to have the braces removed to revel their new smile.

The braces removal appointment is clinically know as a de-bond, however at this appointment we aren’t just removing the braces we are preparing to keep your teeth in this perfect position, which is a vital part of your treatment.

In the next few weeks I will explain to you what we do on your happiest appointment.

The appointment takes around two hours in total, and here’s why:

1.) We start with … the fixed retainers:

What is a Fixed Retainer?

A fixed retainer is a permanent small sized wire that is fixed onto the back surfaces of your teeth, at the bottom across 6 teeth on the surface you can feel with your tongue, and the palate surface at the top across 4 teeth. This will ensure your front teeth (which everyone sees when you speak and smile) will stay in their new position.

Removing Braces Video

In the below video you will see how braces are removed.

How To Clean Fixed Retainers

It takes a couple of weeks to really get used to the fixed retainers, you need to be careful not to bite into anything hard that will dislodge the wire from the surfaces of your teeth. You need to allow extra time to clean your teeth around the retainer, we recommend superfloss and small sized interdental brushes for a thorough clean underneath the wire and in between your teeth, as well as brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a daily fluoride mouthwash for good oral hygiene.

Next week I will explain to you how we take the brackets off from the teeth:)

Katie – Orthodontic therapist

Braces Removal Series

  • Brace Removal (Part 1) we talk about the Fixed Retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 2) we discuss the actual brace removal, how we remove the brace and whether it hurts when having the brace removed
  • Brace Removal (Part 3) we talk about having an impression made of your teeth to create a nighttime retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 4) we talk life after having your braces removed and how to keep your teeth straight


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