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The Happy Day – Brace Removal (Part 2)

The Happy Day – Brace Removal (Part 2)
May 25, 2017 premierortho
Braces Removal Process

Brace Removal Process : Getting The Braces Off

Last week I explained to you about the fixed retainers, now let`s see the actual brace removal.

A quick recap:

Removing the Braces!!

Does It Hurt When Braces are Removed?

Patients always ask “will it hurt?” You will feel some pressure on the teeth but it’s not painful. We have a special plier that fits around the base of the bracket that is stuck to your tooth, we gently squeeze the pliers to find the weak pressure point of the bracket to release it safely from the tooth surface.

We do this on every tooth with the wires still in place and the braces are removed as a unit – one at the bottom and one at the top. To avoid any damage to your enamel only the braces are removed from the tooth surface, so a layer of the adhesive material is left, at this stage we carefully remove the material and any other attachments that are on the surfaces of your teeth.

Most patients are shocked at how quickly braces are removed in compassion to the fitting of them! Before showing you your beautiful new smile we will polish your teeth to remove certain staining which may have occurred during your treatment and it will freshen your mouth.

Removing Braces Video

In the below video you will see how braces are removed.

New Smile!! 

This is the most rewarding part of our job, showing the patient their new smile without the braces on, although they’ve seen the result with the braces on it doesn’t do the final result justice until they’ve been removed and cleaned. We’ve had happy tears, big smiles and hugs at this point. Knowing our team has made a positive difference to patients is amazing.

Most patients tell us “how strange it feels without the braces!” They didn’t realise how used to the brace they had become! The good news is it doesn’t take long to get used to life without them!

Braces Removal Series

  • Brace Removal (Part 1) we talk about the Fixed Retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 2) we discuss the actual brace removal, how we remove the brace and whether it hurts when having the brace removed
  • Brace Removal (Part 3) we talk about having an impression made of your teeth to create a nighttime retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 4) we talk life after having your braces removed and how to keep your teeth straight

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