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The Happy Day – Brace removal (Part 3)

The Happy Day – Brace removal (Part 3)
June 1, 2017 premierortho
Braces Removal Process

Braces Removal Process : Before and After

In the last two weeks I talked about the Fixed Retainer and what happens when we remove the brace. Now let`s see what additional things needs to be done on the day.

A quick recap:

Clinical Photography: Before & After Photo Shoot

Next we take mandatory clinical photos of your smile and teeth, the same ones you had done at the start of treatment, now is a good time to look back at the start of your journey and compare the difference!

Braces Being Removed Video

In the below video you will see how braces are removed.

Tooth Impressions: Nighttime Retainer

This is a soft material, like playdoh, which is applied to a tray size that fits your teeth. We take an imprint of your teeth and send these away to a dental technician who will construct your clear custom made upper and lower nighttime retainers.

These look similar to bleaching trays. They will be fitted in surgery a week later. Don’t worry if you feel your teeth move a little before the night time retainers are fitted, they will soon move back into place once we have fitted the removable retainers.

Katie – Orthodontic Therapist

Braces Removal Series

  • Brace Removal (Part 1) we talk about the Fixed Retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 2) we discuss the actual brace removal, how we remove the brace and whether it hurts when having the brace removed
  • Brace Removal (Part 3) we talk about having an impression made of your teeth to create a nighttime retainer
  • Brace Removal (Part 4) we talk life after having your braces removed and how to keep your teeth straight

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