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Yaz has finally had a taste of his own medicine!

Yaz has finally had a taste of his own medicine!
April 11, 2017 premierortho

Damon Clear Braces Removal : Watch Yaz Get His Braces Off

As many of you know, Yaz is the largest user of the Damon Insignia braces in the UK and has now successfully treated over 300 patients. So, who better to try this brace out on than the man himself!

As a child, Yaz had four teeth extracted before embarking on an orthodontic journey of fixed braces. His teeth were left pretty straight however, after having teeth removed; he always wanted a fuller, wider smile and to design his very own Hollywood smile.

Damon braces are commonly known as THE brace to achieve a wider smile. With the technology and knowledge Yaz has of the Damon Insignia range, he was more than confident that this custom made brace would achieve his desired result.

Our therapist, Katie, fitted Yaz’s braces in August 2015. Anyone who has met him will know that he is a complete perfectionist, but even less than one and a half year of treatment, Katie has removed Yaz’s braces and we are thrilled with his result!

Watch the Video To See How Damon Braces Are Removed

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