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Are you looking for an orthodontist practice in Beckenham, Kent?

Are you happy with your smile? Would you like straight teeth, giving you the smile you deserve?

Premier Orthodontics is a modern, state of the art private orthodontic clinic based in Bromley, Kent, where we provide the highest standard of orthodontic care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Even though our practice is based in Bromley, Beckenham is only 2 miles away or a 10 minute car journey.

Crooked Teeth To a Great Smile with Beckenham Orthodontist

At Premier Orthodontics we use the most aesthetic and high tech braces available today. We choose these braces because they are discrete, efficient and they deliver great results. We see patients of all ages, as young as seven and over 70 years old.

Who Needs Braces?

Do you feel self conscious about your teeth or grin through closed lips when a camera is pointing at you?
Do you want to close the gaps between your teeth, or would like your teeth to be straighter?
Do you want a full broad white smile?

Then Orthodontics is for you.

Misaligned teeth, crowding, spaces, extra or missing teeth or teeth biting together incorrectly (Malocclusion) can be inherited, or caused by thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, early loss of baby teeth, trauma or injury to the teeth, dental diseases and some medical conditions.

The 5 most popular reasons for having braces:

  1. Self-confidence: Patients who have covered their teeth during social interaction for many years feel liberated and their self-esteem boosted after a short course of orthodontic treatment. We also see children who are being teased at school because of the way their teeth look, and teenagers who become more conscious of their looks and want to have straight teeth and a great smile.
  2. Special occasions: If you have a wedding, graduation or prom coming up, you may want the smile in your pictures to be as perfect as your big day!
  3. New beginnings: Being single again or starting a new job, maybe a job that involves public speaking, meetings, social interaction or photographs – you may want to start your new life with a new great smile.
  4. Personal treat: There comes a time to focus on you and give yourself the smile that you deserve. Some adults wait for that time when the kids leave home and then treat themselves to that great smile they always wanted.
  5. Dental health: Crowded and spaced teeth are difficult to clean, this increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which may lead to early loss of the teeth.

Beckenham Orthodontic Treatment

We offer a number of orthodontic treatments to residents in and around the Beckenham area, to help improve and straighten your teeth, with the ultimate aim of giving you the smile you deserve and a life-time of confidence.

Metal Damon Braces in Beckenham

This modern version of train track braces, with its small size and modern design, is perfect for those who do not mind showing off their braces. Click here to learn more about metal Damon braces.

Clear White Damon Braces in Beckenham

This ceramic brace is perfect for those who want a more discrete option than traditional metal braces. It has a translucent crystal clear appearance which does not stain or discolour. Click here to learn more about clear Damon Braces.

Lingual Invisible Braces in Beckenham

These so-called inside braces, hidden braces or behind-the-teeth braces are perfect for those who want to completely hide the brace for a fully discrete treatment. We use the invisible Incognito lingual brace to achieve perfectly straight teeth, an aesthetic smile result and a correct functioning bite, while no-one will know you are wearing braces! Click here to learn more about invisible braces.

Invisalign Clear Aligners in Beckenham

Those who do not want to wear fixed braces, but want to have straighter teeth and a nicer smile, may be eligible for treatment with the famous Invisalign clear aligner system which uses nearly invisible removable aligners to straighten teeth. Click here to learn more Invisalign braces.

Child Early Treatment in Beckenham

We have many years of experience in providing orthodontic treatment for growing children and dealing with problems such as thumb / finger sucking and mouth breathing which if left unattended, will have a negative effect on facial growth and dental development. Second phase treatment may still be needed in some cases later on at approximately age 11-14. Click here to learn more.

Need an Orthodontist in Beckenham Kent?

If you are not happy with your smile or think you need braces and are looking for a friendly orthodontist in Beckenham, Kent, then contact Premier Orthodontics today on 020 8460 6464 or email us for more information.

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