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Premier Orthodontics is a patient-focused private independent practice in Bromley, South East London and Kent. Our practice is limited to adult, teen and child orthodontic treatment which is why we can offer great expertise and dedicated care in this field. It is owned and run by Dr. Elettra Aguglia to create beautiful smiles and to offer exceptional patient service.

We are one of a few practices in the UK to offer exclusively custom-designed appliances, using award-winning products which are 100% tailored and computerised to every individual patient. We use clear and hidden lingual appliances for patients who want a more discrete treatment.

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We look forward to working with you to provide outstanding care and results to every individual patient.


At Premier Orthodontics we offer…

  • Private orthodontic treatment for adults, teenagers and children of all ages
  • Aesthetic custom-made ceramic and hidden lingual Orthodontic appliances
  • No waiting lists
  • Convenient appointment times including after school and evening (subject to availability)
  • One hour comprehensive initial consultation to listen to our patient’s concerns and expectations in order to offer personalised options and answer all questions
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Continuous patient care with Dr Elettra Aguglia
  • 97.5% of our patients would ‘definitely recommend’ us to friends and family (According to our 2013 patient satisfaction survey)
  • Flexible financial arrangements (Up to 12 months 0% interest free credit)

We do not offer treatment under the NHS, which is restricted in several ways:

  1. Subject to case severity: The NHS only covers children under 18 who score 3.6 or above on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN)
  2. Subject to waiting lists and availability based on the practice’s NHS contract
  3. Fixed appliances are limited to metal braces only.
  4. Limited appointment times requiring the child to take time off school and the parent time off work.

Explaining both NHS and private treatment options for your patients will reflect positively on your practice as you are giving patients the right to choose and to make an informed decision.

We offer a referral service that we believe will benefit you, your practice and your patients. By referring patients who require orthodontic treatment to Premier Orthodontics, you are extending the services offered at your practice with the certainty that your patients will receive the highest quality care.

Call us on 020 8460 6464 or contact us if you have an enquiry, to request printed referral forms or to receive a referral information pack by post.
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  • All patients referred to us will remain under the overall care of the referring dentist
  • We will always acknowledge and appreciate your referrals and make sure your experience with us is hassle-free
  • We believe in the importance of communication. Every patient will be provided with a full treatment plan and quote after attending a full consultation. We promise to keep you informed of the Orthodontic treatment plan and to maintain clear and regular communication with you and the patient
  • We will work closely with you to manage interdisciplinary treatments, whether it is restorative treatment, prosthetic replacement of missing teeth or pre-implant orthodontics…we want to work together. We are keen on all aspects of adjunctive orthodontic treatment for adults that may facilitate other dental treatments.
  • Your happy patients will be referred back to you even happier. We will refer your patinets back to you whenever they may require any form of dental care. After completion of treatment, we will immediately refer your patient back to your good care.

Read the top 10 reasons why patients choose us!


Join us at our Bromley Practice for a verifiable-CPD evening lecture, including free snacks and drinks.

Call us on 020 8460 6464 or contact us for more information.


Stay informed of our CPD events and news updates to find out how we can help you better.
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Call us on 020 8460 6464 or contact us if you have an enquiry, to request printed referral forms or to receive a referral information pack by post.

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