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Why choose us

What makes us special

1. An award-winning team

  • Finalist – The Dentistry Awards 2021 – Best Young Dentist
  • Winner – Bromley Business Awards 2017 – Best Business in Customer Service
  • Highly Commended – Bromley Business Awards 2017 – Employer of the Year Winner
  • Finalist  – Bromley Business Awards 2017 – Best SME Business
  • Winner – Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2016 – Excellence in Restorative Orthodontics
  • Finalist – Private Dentistry Awards 2015 – Best High Technology Practice
  • Finalist – Private Dentistry Awards 2015 – Best Patient Care
  • Finalist – Private Dentistry Awards 2015 – Best Orthodontic Referral Practice
  • Winner – WhatClinic.com Award 2014 & 2013 – Best Customer Service

2. Our treatment options are completely taylored around your needs

Our friendly team will take time to listen to your expectations and concerns, in order to offer you bespoke options which are suited to your needs. We will explain every step of your treatment journey and answer all your questions to keep you fully informed every step of the way.

3. An independent family-run orthodontic practice you can trust

Our aim is to deliver excellent patient care and customer service. We want to make your experience with us as relaxed and comfortable as possible. According to our latest patient feedback analysis, 100% of our patients would recommend us to friends and family. Feel free to browse our patient reviews on our website and Facebook page.

4. Creating personalised smiles to give you the confidence which in many cases is life changing

At Premier, we use state-of-the-art digital technology. Our aim is not only to straighten your teeth, but to create a great smile suited to your face. The final result is first analysed and designed on the computer, then a custom-made brace is fabricated using 3D printing technology to offer outstanding results.

5. We aim to avoid removing teeth if possible

Modern treatment options allow us to achieve great results without removing teeth in most of our cases. We will do a careful analysis and explain to you if taking no teeth out is clinically advisable to give you a more aesthetic smile and a more balanced facial profile.

Hannah achieved a gorgeous smile in 14 months WITHOUT removing any teeth!

6. A more comfortable and less time-consuming treatment journey

Our practice and treatment options are fully computerised, which means:
A- Less time off work or school: using advanced technologies allows us to be more efficient, completing your treatment in fewer appointments, without compromising the quality of the result.
B- No dental molds in most treatments: we use the high-tech Itero Intra-oral Scanner to capture comfortably a digital image of your teeth to design your Damon brace, Invisalign aligners, children braces and your retainers. No more discomfort or gagging with the old dental molds!
C- Much less radiation from X-rays: Using fully digital radiography, we expose our patients to much less radiation compared to traditional film-based radiography.

7. Show your smile, not your braces

You may choose to go for clear, hidden and invisible brace options which we are happy to offer for children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

8. Convenient appointment times

We offer convenient appointment times including after school and evening (subject to availability).

9. Affordable and simple payment plans

We offer interest-free payment options.
Our treatment packages are simple to understand and include end-of-treatment removable retainers and one-year follow-up care at no extra cost.

10. Many extra advantages

Unlike NHS orthodontic treatment, anyone can have treatment with us regardless of age or case severity, using any brace choice they prefer. With more convenient appointment times, children and teenagers can also avoid long waiting lists and begin their journey towards an amazing smile and a life-time of confidence sooner rather than later.

We offer private orthodontic treatment for adults, teenagers and children of all ages.
We do not offer treatment under the NHS.
We do not offer ‘Quick fix’ Orthodontics. We are dedicated to high quality results leading to long-term solutions using top quality products. This is in line with the recommendations of the British Orthodontic Society.

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