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Invisalign Clear Aligners Package

Invisalign Clear Aligners Package

Those who do not want to wear fixed braces, but want to have straighter teeth and a nicer smile, may be eligible for treatment with the famous Invisalign clear aligner system which uses nearly invisible removable aligners to straighten teeth.

Your orthodontic journey package will include:

  • One hour-long consultation. Our expert clinician will explain all available solutions to achieve your dream smile. Including a personalised treatment plan and written report, at a one off fee of £99.
  • All-inclusive comfortable orthodontic treatment using Clear Aligners such as INVISALIGN.
  • No hidden fees: All records (X-rays, scans, models) and appointments are included.
  • Convenient appointment times including after school and evening (subject to availability).
  • Bespoke brace fabricated using the most advanced 3D digital technology (no more dental moulds!).
  • Free of charge clear night-time retainers to ensure a long-lasting result.
  • Free of charge 12-month post-treatment follow-up.
  • Free of charge premium orthodontic oral hygiene kit.
  • Guaranteed customer service satisfaction and excellent results from our friendly award-winning team.
  • 12-month interest-free and no-deposit options allowing you to spread the cost of your treatment.

Advantages of Aligners:

  • Unlike a standard brace, aligners have no wires or brackets. The treatment consists of a series of clear aligners which are designed specifically for you. Each aligner in the series moves your teeth by a small amount and by changing the aligner every two weeks for the next aligner in the series your teeth are gradually straightened.
  • They can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth or for attending a special event.
  • ‘Nearly invisible’
  • Comfortable custom-made fit
  • Computerised technology –3D imaging of the final result can be previewed before the treatment starts. This 3D technology is used to manufacture the series of clear aligners which are required for your individual treatment.

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