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Premier Orthodontics is a leading-edge, cutting-edge private orthodontic practice located within Bromley, Greater London, wherein we deliver the highest possible standard of orthodontic service within a relaxed and welcoming environment. Even though our clinic is located in Bromley, Bickley is simply 2 miles away, a 7 minute car ride or 15 minute walk!

Orthodontist near Bickley

At Premier Orthodontics, we provide our patients cost effective orthodontic procedures (dental braces) to enable them to realise their perfect smile. This can make a sizable improvement with every individual’s social as well as professional life. Orthodontic procedure is simply a means of dealing with abnormalities of teeth and faces through delicately forcing teeth in to correct alignment and positioning of specific teeth and the relationship of the teeth to each other along with to the jawbone in which they are held.

Using dental braces is nowadays a favoured and practical treatment method when it comes to adults and children. Making right the position of congested and crooked teeth not only improves your appearance, but likewise your general oral health and well being. Crowded teeth are more likely to possess tooth decay as well as gum disease given that cleaning is harder. Your mouth will certainly be far healthier and teeth will be much easier to clean.

Reasons why should I have orthodontic treatment?

Many individuals have crowded or even misaligned teeth. Orthodontic treatment methods (braces) will correct the teeth or move them in to a better position. This can enhance their visual appeal and the way the teeth bite together, while also making them much easier to clean.

Precisely what age should I have orthodontic treatment?

Here at Premier Orthodontics we provide orthodontic treatment options (braces) for adults as well as children. Age is generally much less crucial than having the right number of teeth. When it comes to children it may be necessary to wait for sufficient teeth to come through prior to starting treatment methods.

Bickley Orthodontic Treatment

No matter if you live or work in or around Bickley Kent, we supply a variety of orthodontic treatment options that help make improvements to and correct your teeth, with the ultimate aim of presenting you the smile you deserve as well as a life-time of self-confidence. Our team are just 7 minutes away in Bromley, a small journey to help you acquire your perfect smile!

Metal Damon Dental braces Bickley Kent

This modern style of train track braces, along with its modest size and innovative design, is perfect for people who do not mind exposing their dental braces. Click on the hyperlink in order to find out more with regards to metal Damon braces.

Clear White Damon Dental braces Bickley

This kind of ceramic brace is ideal for people who really want a more discrete option in comparison to conventional metal braces. It possesses a translucent clear look that does not stain or discolour. Click so as to learn more when it comes to clear Damon Orthodontic Braces.

Lingual Invisible Orthodontic Braces Bickley

These so-called inside braces, hidden braces or behind-the-teeth dental braces are perfect when it comes to individuals that prefer to totally conceal the brace for a completely discrete treatment. Our team make the most of the invisible Incognito lingual brace so as to attain wonderfully straight teeth, an aesthetic smile outcome moreover a correct functioning bite, while no-one will realise you are actually wearing braces! Visit here for a lot more about invisible dental braces.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Bickley Kent

Those individuals who do not want to use fixed dental braces, however, want to have straighter teeth plus a better smile, might just be eligible for treatment with the well known Invisalign clear aligner system which takes advantage of nearly invisible easily removable aligners to correct the alignment of teeth. Click the hyperlink in order to learn even more Invisalign braces.

Child Early Treatment Sidcup

We possess years of experience in providing orthodontic treatment for growing children as well as treating problems like thumb/ finger sucking as well as mouth breathing which if left ignored, will certainly have a detrimental effect on facial development plus dental development. Second level treatment methods may well nonetheless be needed in some scenarios later on at approximately age 11-14. Click here to get more information.

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In case you are not happy with your smile or possibly think you might perhaps require braces and are searching for a helpful orthodontist close to Bickley Kent, then get in touch with Premier Orthodontics as soon as possible on 020 8460 6464 or e mail our team to learn more. Even though we are actually located in Bromley, we are only a 7 minutes car trip away or 15 minute walk from helping you obtain a first-class smile!

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