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Living with Braces – Get Prepared!

Living with Braces – Get Prepared!
April 11, 2017 premierortho

Accidents happen – we are here to help!

At Premier Orthodontics, we understand that accidents can happen, however if we pay attention to the details, we can minimise the risk of it. Breakages can cause discomfort and may delay your treatment. Luckily we have daily repair appointments because we are always aiming to get your perfect result as soon as possible!

Although we use the best adhesive possible to attach Damon Insignia brackets to your teeth, we cannot use permanent glue – we need to get them off at the end of your treatment! We recommend staying away from crunchy, sticky, hard or chewy foods.  This includes foods like pizza crusts, steaks, sweets, chewing gum, hard nuts and apples.

Here is our help for you, some very practical information on how to live with braces and what to do if an accident happens:




At Premier, we ask that you follow our advice on living with braces and in return, we can guarantee that we will provide a professional, efficient treatment in a friendly environment throughout your journey with us.


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