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Orthodontist near Elmers End Review by Stefanie D

Orthodontist near Elmers End Review by Stefanie D
November 23, 2022 Web Editor
Orthodontist Elmers End BR3 Review by Stefanie D | Premier Orthodontics

Orthodontist Review

We take nothing for granted and are always trying to make our patient’s experience the best it can. So, when we get a positive review from our patients, it means so much to us. The following testimonial comes from Stefanie D.:
“The Premier Orthodontics Team is just simply fantastic. I had a 12-month Damon brace treatment and couldn’t be happier with the result. Especially at the end of the treatment I had to go back and fourth between my dentist and Premier Orthodontics but everyone has been very accommodating and tried to find the best options for me. It’s a very calming and pleasant environment and the team is extremely professional and friendly. As much as it was sometimes a struggle having braces as an adult, I would do it again in a heartbeat. 100% recommend!”

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