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A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 1)

A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 1)
July 13, 2017 premierortho
Dental Nurse - The Day in a Life of

Amelia, our Clinical Manager tells you the stories behind the scenes about a typical Friday at Premier Orthodontics!:)

Follow us over Amelia`s three episodes story and learn how a typical Friday goes in the Premier Team. Enjoy!:)


  • Amelia as Clinic Manager
  • Yaz as Orthodontist
  • Alice as Treatment Coordinator
  • Nurun as Receptionist
  • Zoltan as Practice Manager
  • Katie as Orthodontic Therapist
  • Qiqian as Ortho Nurse

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9:30-9:50(ish!) : Arrive

Arrive at the clinic in Bromley, to the smiles of my lovely work family. Make a coffee quickly catch up on the weeks gossip so far. Open up surgery, turn everything on, wipe down the surfaces and chair and get instruments ready for the first patient of the day. Open up the decontamination room, test the autoclave and wake up the X-ray machine!

9:50 : Yaz Arrives 🎉

We then have daily huddle with the team. This is where we run through the day list to make sure we are all know what the day has in store for us, we all know about patients with any special requirements/requests and Alice will introduce us to the new patients that are coming in that day.

10:00-13:30 : Morning Clinic

During the morning clinic we have a variety of different appointments, anything from wire changes and patients who have had their braces fitted last time with Katie and Qiqian and are excited to start seeing some movement to finishing appointments where Yaz’s perfectionism comes out as patients near the end of their treatment.

At a finishing appointment we look at any teeth that can be improved and Yaz will make small bends in the wire to correct this. He has such a keen eye for this sometimes Qiqian and I can’t see what needs improving!


More decontamination and sterilisation of instruments…and a little bit more on the behind the scenes at Premier Orthodontics.


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