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Emma’s Journey with Premier Orthodontics!

Emma’s Journey with Premier Orthodontics!
February 22, 2018 premierortho

Creating a Beautiful Smile with Damon Insignia Braces

Emma came to us in the summer of 2016, she had had braces on her upper teeth twice already and was still not happy with her smile. Not only that, but she suffered from a jaw shift which had led to other issues such as a clicking and sometimes a painful jaw.

The Solution : Metal Damon Braces

During her comprehensive orthodontic consultation, Yaz prescribed a 12-18 month treatment with Damon Insignia braces. As the highest user in the UK of these custom made braces, he was confident that he could get a great result for Emma and so she had upper and lower fixed metal braces fitted in July 2016. After just a few months, Emma told us that most of the tension in her jaw was released and that she has already started seeing results in improving her smile.

A New Smile in Just 15 Months!

Emma reached her final goal after just 15 months with Damon Insignia braces, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result! She now has a beautiful wide smile and a comfortable jaw!

Damon Braces Before and After Video

Hear about Emma’s journey first hand in her video testimonial below!


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