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Imrun and Sam’s journey with Premier!

Imrun and Sam’s journey with Premier!
February 7, 2019 Info Premier

Premier Orthodontics Patient Review & Testimonial

Imrun was first referred to us by her dentist in March 2016 as she was worried about her misaligned teeth which were causing bite issues, a chin shift and receding gums. As well as these medical problems,Imrun was after a more confident, wider smile. Like many of our other patients, Imrun had a brace as a teenager but didn’t like it and stopped treatment earlier than expected. Yaz recommended to use an expander for 6 months and then to move onto Damon Insignia fixed braces in order to widen the arches and make the bite more evenly distributed. In May last year, we removed Imrun’s custom made braces to reveal a beautiful smile!

Imrun & Sam’s Review Video

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During Imrun’s journey, she was so pleased that she recommended her sister, Sam, came to see us as well. Sam was also in discussion with her dentist regarding a referral and then decided to come in and see us in summer of 2017. Sam was worried about her upper mid-line, which was shifting and getting worse with age. When Yaz assessed her teeth, he found a large cross bite on one side which was causing the upper teeth to shift to one side. He also recommended Damon Insignia fixed braces and in only 1 year she was left with a beautifully wide smile!

As you can tell from their video testimonial, although both ladies went ahead with treatment for medical reasons, they are overwhelmed with the confidence gained from having a nicer smile and like many of our other patients they wish they had done this years ago!

It goes without saying that we are over the moon with Imrun and Sam’s result – keep smiling ladies!

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