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Lock-down life!

Lock-down life!
July 3, 2020 Info Premier

Lock-down has been an experience that none of us were prepared for or will forget I’m sure.

Many of us were forced to take time off work and away from loved ones and others were perhaps the busiest they have ever been.

For a bit of fun we asked the team to sum up their lock down in a few words, here’s how it went!


Annie – Weight Gain! Studying, dog walks and TikTok!

Nurun – Garden time and BBQs!

Alice – Getting crafty and having a lock down birthday!

Elettra – Rediscovering board games, running and strawberries!

Katie – Amalia and dog walks!

Nicole – Cooking, quizzes and wedding photos!

Qiqian – babies 1st birthday and Zoom calls!

Yaz – Meditation and family

Lydia – Mia, Elissa and cooking

Amelia – Yoga, Isla, Pets and wine!


We also loved this post Amelia shared on Instagram during lock-down that we thought would be nice to share:


“Gratitude. Rather than focusing on what is hard right now (and there is a lot for so many reasons) maybe we could try and see the good in a situation. There are so many things I am grateful for at the moment. From being able to spend quality time with my daughter and do things we have never done together to the simple things like having a cup of tea in my garden with no expectation to be anywhere else.

I am learning and experiencing new things every day, some good, some not so good! But things nevertheless that I would not have done if this time was not forced upon us.

I am opening my heart to this time, eating well, eating not so well…! moving my body and slobbing on the sofa, learning new skills, teaching my little one skills and getting to know me and my daughter that little bit better. I am also hugely grateful for the people that have not been gifted this time and the sacrifices they have had to make.”


We look forward to hearing how you spent your time 🙂


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