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After treatment, I will take my first selfie!

After treatment, I will take my first selfie!
December 13, 2016 premierortho

Anna-Maria just had her braces fitted and we are making it our mission to help perfect her smile so she is able to take her first ever selfie!

Challenge Accepted!

After reading through our positive reviews on google, Anna-Maria first enquired via our Smile Assessment, this gave Dr Yaz a chance to examine her photos before visiting the practice, and of course, we were able to help!

Following braces as a teenager, Anna-Maria’s teeth had relapsed and become crooked again so she wanted to “improve my overall smile not only for aesthetic reasons but also because crowded teeth are more prone to plaque and tartar”. Yaz was able to address Anna-Maria’s main concerns during her first visit to the practice and she said that “he identified the difficulties that may arise during the treatment (in my case open bite could worsen during my orthodontic treatment) but he has a plan for it from day 1 and I feel that I am in good hands. Other practices just tell you about the risks but then they have no plan about prevention.”

After just 2 months of her journey, Anna-Maria has already noticed an improvement, especially comparing her treatment to her last orthodontic experience. She was worried about the pain and discomfort, experienced in the past with traditional braces, but has been pleasantly surprised that “with Damon Insignia the process is far more comfortable.”

Anna-Maria chose Damon Clear braces on her upper teeth as a more discreet option, she was so happy with the look of them that we took a selfie with her the day of the brace fitting! Anna-Maria avoids taking close up photos of herself, so her ultimate goal is “after my treatment I will take my first selfie!”

We, at Premier Orthodontics, cannot wait to see her final result; however in the meantime, we will make sure that Anna-Maria’s journey is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Now that her journey has begun, we are all so excited to see that selfie!

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