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Luke : Bromley Orthodontist Review Video

Luke : Bromley Orthodontist Review Video
November 18, 2016 premierortho

Luke’s Damon Braces Experience & Review

Luke started his Damon Insignia Braces treatment with Premier Orthodontics over 2 years ago. He had problems cleaning due to overcrowded teeth, he suffered with pain whilst eating and the biggest issue, he was extremely unhappy with his smile.

Dr Yaz highly recommended using Insignia Damon braces in order to correct his bite, align the upper and lower teeth and achieve a more attractive smile.

Damon Insignia Braces

The Damon brace and wires are bespoke (custom-made for you) and they are precisely positioned on the teeth using digital technology. Superior advantages of Damon Insignia Braces include:

  • accurate and predictable top quality results which can be previewed before the brace is fitted
  • personalise the smile design (Winner of 2013 American Medical Technology Awards)
  • there are fewer practice visits and reduces treatment time by up to 37% according to independent research.

Damon Insignia Braces Before and After

The most incredible part of Luke’s journey was that we were able to rotate one tooth a complete 360° to give him a perfect smile.

We recently had the pleasure of removing Luke’s braces; the day was full of excitement; not only for Luke and his family but amongst us in the clinic too.

When we removed Luke’s Damon braces, we had fully corrected his bite along with achieving a beautiful new smile. Luke no longer suffers from the painful aching whilst eating and is able to clean his teeth with ease. Luke told us that when he thought back to “when I first visited Premier Orthodontics, sitting in the lobby and looking at the video of all the people Yaz had helped, I honestly never thought you’d be able to fix my smile!” For us at Premier, this is by far the best part of our job; seeing an incredible journey like Luke’s.

Do You Want a Perfect Smile?

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