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Check out Menesh`s beautiful smile!

Check out Menesh`s beautiful smile!
August 22, 2017 premierortho
Damon Clear Braces Review by Bromley Kent Orthodontist's Patient Testimonial

Damon Clear Braces Review

In the below patient testimonial video, Menesh talks about the reasons why he chose Premier Orthodontics and the service that he received.

Premier Orthodontics Review Video

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Premier Orthodontics Review – Menesh Patel

Menesh found Premier Orthodontics through Google. He came to us with concerns that his teeth were misaligned and his smile was too narrow following previous extractions during orthodontic treatment as a teenager.

Menesh does a lot of work in front of the camera and so it was really important for him to improve his smile confidence. Following a comprehensive assessment, Yaz recommended an 18-month treatment with Damon Insignia; Damon braces are widely known for creating a fuller, Hollywood smile.

He chose to have the Damon Clear option so that they were more discreet throughout his journey. Menesh then had some small build ups completed with the dentist following his treatment; this has resulted in a wider, fuller and more confident smile! We are over the moon with Menesh’s end result!

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