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Want To Join Our Wall of Fame?

Want To Join Our Wall of Fame?
September 28, 2017 premierortho
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We Create Wonderful Smiles

We love creating beautiful smiles; it’s what we do best! What better way to show off your new smile than on a Wall of Fame!

Over the past year, we have been building our Wall of Fame with beautiful new smiles, and it’s getting bigger every week.

This is by far the most exciting part of your journey! Following the big moment when you get your braces off, and once you’ve had a good look at your new smile, you can then test it out with a Polaroid which will be added to our Wall of Fame! In most cases, this is also your very first photo taken without the braces on!

Can’t wait? If you’re in treatment with us, then you’re already half way there to being added! If you haven’t yet started your journey or are thinking about having braces, just have a look at these happy smiles and read through our testimonials on Google!

Would You Like a Better Smile?

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