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A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 2)

A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 2)
July 20, 2017 premierortho
Dental Nurse - The Day in a Life of...Part 2

Amelia, our Clinical Manager tells you the stories behind the scenes about a typical Friday at Premier Orthodontics!:) Follow us over Amelia`s three episodes story and learn how a typical Friday goes in the Premier Team. Enjoy!:)


  • Amelia as Clinic Manager
  • Yaz as Orthodontist
  • Alice as Treatment Coordinator
  • Nurun as Receptionist
  • Zoltan as Practice Manager
  • Katie as Orthodontic Therapist
  • Qiqian as Ortho Nurse

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Here you can find out how we spent last Friday morning in the clinic here : A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 1)

During the morning sessions when Yaz can manage without me, there are lots of bits and pieces to do to keep the smooth running of our orthodontic clinic. To share a few:

  • Decontamination and sterilising instruments and sealing them in pouches ready for the next use.
  • Digitally submitting or manually sending lab work for braces and appliances to be made.
  • Writing letters to new patients to give them an overview of the information Yaz gave them at their first visit
  • Checking our lab log with Christina and making sure that any braces that are due back will be here by the patients appointment date.
  • Catching up with Zoltan and Alice who usually have a nice little list for me 🙂

13:30-14:30 : Lunchtime!

Lunchtimes are always fun as we’ll usually sit round and eat together and have a good chat and laugh. We sometimes do a little bit of yoga too!

14:30-17:00 : Afternoon Clinic

Again we see a variety of different patients and appointments from young children to retired adults and from metal braces to completely invisible braces. We usually see at least one new patient on a Friday afternoon.


You can find out more about how we meet our new patients for the first time.


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