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Nadia’s Smile!

Nadia’s Smile!
June 12, 2018 Info Premier

Nadia’s Damon Braces : Before and After

Nadia started her journey at Premier Orthodontics in May 2016 where she had Damon Insignia Clear fixed braces fitted. Having had braces as a teenager elsewhere, she was left feeling conscious of her smile after her teeth had moved due to failing to wear her retainers. Her main concern was that her front teeth were protruding and she hated noticing this is photos. Nadia also felt that her back teeth were not biting together properly and so it became uncomfortable to bite down on occasion.

Following her consultation with Yaz, he recommended Damon Insignia fixed braces so that he could not only correct her main concerns, but achieve a wider, fuller smile at the same time. As the largest user of Damon Insignia braces in the UK, Yaz was confident that by up-righting her teeth and correcting the cross bite at the back teeth, not only would Nadia have a comfortable bite but that her smile would be transformed too.

After just over 18 months, Nadia has the smile that she’s always wanted, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

See what Nadia had to say in her testimonial below, or visit our YouTube channel to find out more, or simply click here to book a comprehensive consultation at Premier Orthodontics!



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