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Premier’s Very Own Star – Francesca!

Premier’s Very Own Star – Francesca!
December 2, 2019 Info Premier
Braces For Childrens Teeth Bromley Francesca by Premier Orthodontics

Braces For Children’s Teeth : Getting The Smile Your Child Deserves

Francesca started her acting career a couple years ago, playing the youngest child in BBC sitcom ‘Not Going Out’ with comedian and actor, Lee Mack. As a young actor, she was conscious of her lower teeth which were very crowded and causing one tooth to be pushed forward.

Children’s Orthodontist Recommendations

Francesca’s mum found us through Google, and being one of the few orthodontists in the area who are able to help younger children, she quickly booked a consultation with us. After a couple of review appointments, Francesca was ready to have fixed braces fitted in order to straighten and widen her beautiful smile.

Braces Removed in Just 10 Months!

Francesca had fixed early intervention Damon braces on her top and bottom jaw. She quickly adapted to them and couldn’t wait to show all her friends at school!

We always looked forward to Francesca’s appointments because not only would we have a good chat about what she’s been up to, we would also see the most amazing results with her tooth movement.

After only 10 months, Francesca was ready to have her braces removed at the age of 9. In the meantime, we also treated her brother, Henry, and her ‘on-screen’ brother, Finley!

If you are worried about your child’s tooth or jaw development, click here to see what types of treatment we can offer from the age of 7. Or simply call us on 020 8460 6464 or click here and our team would be more than happy to help!

Watch this space! You will be seeing a lot more of Francesca and her beautiful new smile on your screens in the future!


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