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Team Testimonials!

Team Testimonials!
October 19, 2017 premierortho

At Premier, we work together like a family; literally in some cases. Read what our team have to say about us!

“I have worked in dentistry for 15 years and I have finally found a practice that gives me more than just a means to pay my bills! Premier is my second family; we honestly work as a team and support each other professionally and personally. As an orthodontic therapist it is important for me to find a team with the same work ethic and to feel safe in my professional role which is what Premier provides for me. I have had problems in the past with professionals misunderstanding my role as a therapist which has made my work life very stressful, this has never been the case at Premier, and everyone respects my role. Being happy at work means that in my free time I can focus my energy on my family and friends.”

 – Katie, Orthodontic Therapist


“I have worked at Premier from day 1 and am so proud to be part of such an amazing journey. I have worked in dentistry for 14 years and experienced many different roles from nursing to practice management.
From the day I had my interview with Yaz and Lydia (in amongst the dust and chaos of Premier being built!) I knew this practice was going to be special.
5 and a half years on I can honestly say that I had never worked somewhere that values, respects and is so open with their team as Premier Orthodontics.
Going to work is a pleasure as I am working with my friends and people who, like me, want to genuinely help and care for people and have fun while doing it. I work with the most amazing team who love what they do and just bounce off each other in every situation. We are like a family (literally in some cases!) and through regular trainings, discussions, team meetings and not forgetting the socials, are constantly striving to better ourselves to benefit our patients and each other. I am with Premier for the long haul and cannot wait to see where the future takes us!”

 – Amelia, Clinical Manager


“I highly enjoy working for Premier Orthodontics. There is a real sense of team spirit and they have helped me develop my career as a dental nurse. With their help, I am currently doing a course to achieve a certificate in orthodontic nursing. I enjoy seeing patient leave each day with a big smile.”

– Qiqian, Nurse


“Since joining the team in September 2016, working at Premier has had a massive impact on my life. The management team are constantly asking for our input and working to improve our business. I feel that this has a direct reflection on not only my job role, but my time outside work too. It goes without saying that job satisfaction creates a positive vibe in your personal life, and this has helped me to realise that working for a company which I trust and believe in, can make my life more enjoyable. As a team, we help one another, not just because we work together but because we care about each other. We call ourselves the ‘Premier Family’ and I have honestly never worked for a company where I felt more supported and loved.”

– Alice, Treatment Co-ordinator


“I am the newest addition to the Premier team and even though I have only worked here for a few months I don’t just feel like a colleague but a member of the family.  Everyone is so much fun to work with and is always very supportive.  Through my excellent training I continue to develop and learn new life skills.  I feel that my role is sufficiently challenging and fulfilling and I am glad I joined the Premier family”.

– Nurun, Front of House Secretary



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