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The 300 high-tech journey

The 300 high-tech journey
December 13, 2016 premierortho

What is your favorite activity that you have done more than 300 times? Playing 300 games in a football team might make you a legend, having your favourite food 300 times – a lifetime may not be enough. If you have 300 friends – you have the happiest life…

300 is a big number and according to the popular movie this amount of soldiers is enough to stop an entire army.

Dr Yaz Nafa also arrived at this milestone. In November he started to work on his 300th Insignia case, which makes him the biggest user of this high-tech, custom made appliance in the United Kingdom. We are all proud of him for this performance and we believe it is a guarantee for all our patient that he definitely knows what he is doing!

Congratulations Yaz!


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