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A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 3)

A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 3)
July 27, 2017 premierortho
Dental Nurse - The Day in a Life of...Part 3

Amelia, our Clinical Manager tells you the stories behind the scenes about a typical Friday at Premier Orthodontics!:) Follow us over Amelia`s three episodes story and learn how a typical Friday goes in the Premier Team. Enjoy!:)


  • Amelia as Clinic Manager
  • Yaz as Orthodontist
  • Alice as Treatment Coordinator
  • Nurun as Receptionist
  • Zoltan as Practice Manager
  • Katie as Orthodontic Therapist
  • Qiqian as Ortho Nurse

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The Story So far:,/h3>

Part 1 : Here you can find out how we spend the morning in the clinic : A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 1)

Part 2 : Here`s where Amelia showed you what she usually does when Yaz can manage without her in the surgery room : A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 2)

New Orthodontic Patient Consultation

We usually see at least one new patient on a Friday afternoon. A new patient consultation goes a bit like this:

We love meeting new people and are always happy when a new face walks through the door. Nurun (and anyone else who might be hanging around!) will welcome the new patient and ask them to fill out a couple of simple forms for our records. Once they have filled out their forms, they will have a chat with Alice over a coffee to go through the forms and get to know the person and understand exactly how we can help them.

Before and After Photographs

Alice will then take some photographs of the patient’s face and teeth and then call me or Qiqian in to take an X-ray of all the teeth and jaw bone. This is to check the roots of the teeth and to make sure everything is ok to proceed with treatment should the patient wish to go ahead.

After the X-ray is taken, Alice will take the patient through to the surgery and introduce them to Yaz and explain what they are concerned with and what type of treatment they are interested in. During the clinical consultation, Yaz will examine the teeth and facial profile and take measurements to determine the best orthodontic treatment for the patient.

He will then sit down with them and go through the different options based of what will work best and what sort of brace they would like, be it clear braces, removable braces, fastest treatment time…, and then answer any questions and let them know what to expect from treatment.

The last step of the consultation is again with Alice, who will go through ours fees and payment plan options before getting the patient booked with Qiqian and myself for some records to get started 🙂

During the new patient consultation I will sometimes see another patient for dental impressions (a quick mold that is taken of the teeth and sent to the lab for a model, removable braces or perhaps a retainer to be made


Stay with me for the next week as well, I`ll tell you how we finish off the Fridays:)


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