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It’s time to enjoy your new smile! – Brace Removal (Part 4)

It’s time to enjoy your new smile! – Brace Removal (Part 4)
June 8, 2017 premierortho
Braces Removal Process : How To Keep Teeth Straight After Braces

How To Keep Teeth Straight After Braces

A quick recap:

In this final part of our Brace Removal series, we will talk about how to keep teeth straight after braces.

The Fun:)

Now you have the option of having photos for fun! This includes a Polaroid photo of you with your new smile which will be mounted on our wall of fame outside the surgery! And you can have a selfie with the premier team to go on our Facebook and Instagram page!

We also like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about your personal experience with the braces.

Removing Braces Video

In the below video you will see how braces are removed.

So What Next: How To Keep Teeth Straight After Braces

Now you have your new smile there a things we all need to do to keep your perfect result.

We will review you over the next year, checking the positions of your teeth, checking the fit of your fixed and removable retainers.

It is vital that you attend these appointments (with your removable retainers!) and alert us of any problems as soon as possible to avoid relapse of your teeth.

We recommend you visit your dentist for regular dental health check ups and hygiene appointments, and remember to follow the after care plan of your retainers.

If you need maintenance to your retainers or new ones after your year review we will only be too happy to see you again.

It’s time to enjoy your new smile!!

Katie – Orthodontic Therapist

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