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A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 4)

A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 4)
August 3, 2017 premierortho
Dental Nurse - The Day in a Life of...Part 4

Amelia, our Clinical Manager tells you the stories behind the scenes about a typical Friday at Premier Orthodontics!:) Follow us over Amelia`s three episodes story and learn how a typical Friday goes in the Premier Team. Enjoy!:)


  • Amelia as Clinic Manager
  • Yaz as Orthodontist
  • Alice as Treatment Coordinator
  • Nurun as Receptionist
  • Zoltan as Practice Manager
  • Katie as Orthodontic Therapist
  • Qiqian as Ortho Nurse

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Here you can find out how we spend the morning in the clinic : A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 1)

Here`s where Amelia showed you what she usually does when Yaz can manage without her in the surgery room : A day in the Life of a Premier Dental Nurse (Part 2)

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The Day is Drawing To a Close

17:00 – say good bye to the last patient of the day and close down the surgery, decontamination room and put the X-ray machine to bed! This involves:

Disinfecting the surgery and chair, running a special solution through the suction tubes to clean them, cleaning, sterilising and pouching all instruments ready for the next day and making sure any dental impressions that may have been taken are disinfected and boxed up ready for Zoltan to drop in the postbox on his way home (or way to the pub!)

17:15 – meet in the pub for a team social 🙂 Here`s when we discuss the week, nice moments with the patients, but soon we leave the work topics and have an easy chat about politics, fashion, sport, friends, food.

That sums a typical day in the life of a premier ortho nurse! We love what we do and I hope it has given you some insight into what we do behind the scenes.

Thanks for following my story,


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