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  • Mannequin Challenge Orthodontist Style

    The Mannequin Challenge

  • Premier  Study Club is back

    Premier Orthodontics is delighted to invite you to the 2017 Spring Study Club Events At all our CPD events, drinks…

  • Help us to Save the children!

    On the 15th and 16th of December 2016 we will be raising money for the amazing charity “Save the Children”…

  • The 300 high-tech journey

    What is your favorite activity that you have done more than 300 times? Playing 300 games in a football team…

  • After treatment, I will take my first selfie!

    Anna-Maria just had her braces fitted and we are making it our mission to help perfect her smile so she is…

  • We’re turning 5 this January, help us celebrate!

    In the past 5 years we, at Premier Orthodontics, have come so far and we loved every minute of it!…